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Shabbat and Holidays

We welcome all to worship with us  and encourage everyone to join in reading and singing prayers. Services can thereby be an opportunity to engage in a meaningful communal experience. As a Conservative congregation, we follow a traditional, Hebrew and English prayer arrangement that allows for active participation through familiar and easy-to-learn melodies.

During most morning services, ushers are here to help maintain the sanctity of the service and to assist and guide those less familiar with our practices. There are times that ushers will close the Sanctuary doors when it is not appropriate to enter.

Guests at a simcha are asked to greet family members at the conclusion of the service, not once the service has begun.

Men are required to wear skull caps at all times within the Sanctuary, and should wear tallitot (prayer shawls) during morning services. Women going up to the bimah for an honor must wear head coverings. Tallitot for women are optional.

Conversation and gum chewing during services are not in keeping with the decorum expected. Smoking, using a telephone or other electronic device and taking still pictures or video are all prohibited in or around the building on Shabbat. Likewise, no flowers or food should be removed from the premises on Shabbat.

Join us in person or via livestream.


Mon, March 4 2024 24 Adar I 5784